Friday, 6 April 2007

Yvonne Ridley, a controversial British reporter, was among a number of speakers at a conference held this weekend in Melbourne. The report on the The 1st Annual Australian Islamic Conference by the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) included an interview with Ridley, who wore a head covering and spoke rationally about the meaning of the word 'martyr', and why she used it instead of the word 'terrorist'.

Mercy Mission, which promoted the event, used the slogan "Islamic values are universal values", as reported by the Herald Sun.

The SBS reporter noted, however, that the SBS camera crew was not allowed to film inside the Melbourne University building. If Islamic values are universal, why is there so much secrecy?

None of the other stations (Seven, Ten, the ABC) covered the event.


Anonymous said...

What are muslims hiding you ask?

Maybe nothing, maybe when you start acting like adults and writing the story as it is, then we might let you in when you become less racist and stop writing according to what your assuming only, no proof, suspected etc etc. Become a more neutral writer for all Australians, not just to attack fellow Muslim Australians.

Mercy Mission was a success, over 3000 people attended, educated, many Australian non muslims attended as well, which goes to show even bad media can become good media to us as this makes citizens question you as media and they want to see for themselves. 2 Australian ladies reverted to Islam - All praise is for Allah the all merciful and kind.

Stats at the moment are 5 women to 1 man coming to Islam. But we oppress women? they why are more women coming to Islam then men.

Get you story right, don't just attack muslims and you might find we will be very hospitable.

Salam - And peace from the Middle East.

Matthew da Silva said...

Now, please can you tell me how we are supposed to judge Mercy Mission when the press are not allowed to do their job?

In what way am I attacking Muslims?

I did not say anything about Muslims, I was looking at the way the media were dealing with the situation.