Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Eco is The Sydney Morning Herald's new Tuesday section. It will be a regular feature of the Tuesday edition of the broadsheet "all about green issues". Editor Nick Galvin writes that the purpose of the section is to "help you pick your way through the mass of information and misinformation in this vital debate (climate change)".

Galvin has been posting to the Herald's Science blog recently. Each post attracts a lot of comments, which must have helped the newspaper's managers to decide to launch a completely new section in the weekly cycle.

Galvin also is visible on the 'Technology' section of the Web site, where he posts items in the 'Troubleshooter' section, which deals with IT products generally.

For the initial issue of Eco, which is not included on the Web site, five different journalists contributed pieces. To contact Galvin, you can send e-mails to

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