Sunday 15 April 2007

CSI: Miami is shit. The production values are extraordinary, however. I mean, just LOOK at the COLOURS they use to create a compelling atmosphere within which to roll out the wooden dialog and clunky plot.

Channel Nine buys this crap from the Great Satan because it's cheaper than producing indigenous programming. They charge advertisers thousands for 30-second spots, and the great unwashed actually gobbles up this drivel hungrily. It's amazing.

In general, I watch the news, on several channels, and then read a book. But tonight I decided to see what the other half does. And I'm absolutely appalled. It's a scandal that this type of pretentious, unamusing, tendentious fluff is so popular. We have a lot to answer for.

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peacay said...

Oh yeah, the colours are just arresting. I have watched probably 40mins all told out of many episodes and I keep waiting to hear about the hospitalisation of the cast for jaundice. I guess it's all designed around David Caruso's hair from which all light and wisdom flows.

Speaking of which, there's a compilation of his sunglasses and pop-wisdom moments on youtube. The land of self parody.