Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Louis Nowra's piece in the March issue of the Australian Literary Review, which I applauded, has attracted "many letters". "A selection" of them will be published in the May issue, says the editor.

We have become acquainted with this kind of encouragement of debate by the excellent Quarterly Essay books that are published by Melbourne's Black Inc. It allows issues of importance to be aired in greater depth. It will be interesting to see if the editors of the ALR will give Nowra a chance to answer these letters with a contribution of his own.


Ron said...

I only remembered ALR last Friday by which time local newsagents had returned unsold papers. I wish there was some way to guarantee getting it that didn't rely on my fading memory banks!

I am a big fan Quarterly Essay and have gone back and bought a few back issues.

I am an on/off fan (I no longer subscribe and only buy issues of interest) of Black Inc's other publication, The Monthly, but do wish they would have a feedback/Letters to the Editor section. I think the lack of it is a major omission.

Matthew da Silva said...

I think the only solution is to but The Australian every day. But they publish all the articles on their website, so you can access them there.

There's a really good one by Zaki Chehab on Hamas in the March issue.

I agree that The Monthly should publish readers' letters. Even the weekend supplement mags do so. It's sort of a default setting for any magazine worth its salt.