Sunday, 15 April 2007

Campsie on a Sunday, though less busy than the previous day, still sees a fair turnout of shoppers. Many arrive by car, others walk from their homes nearby. One major drawcard is the Campsie Centre on Amy Street. In fact, it takes up a whole block.

The far entrance is on Evaline Street. Though clearly a better-presented entrance, there seem to be just as many shoppers using the Amy Street doors. Here on Evaline Street there is an access ramp flanked by hundreds of post office boxes that people can use when they don't want mail coming to their homes.

Also on Amy Street is a furniture store that always seems to have a sale on. The quality of their goods is not what I look for, so I recently purchased a sofa on eBay instead.

Families, many of Chinese extraction, flock to the food outlets along Beamish Street to do their weekly shopping.

Automobile traffic on Beamish Street is incessant. Pedestrians use the wide centre strip to navigate across to the other side.

Heavy traffic, even on a Sunday, means frequent waiting for the lights to change.

Free at last of the traffic, I head home.

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