Friday 7 April 2017

Got the internet working again

A couple of weeks ago I may have written about the internet going down here and the problem never really went away even after the telecommunications company sent out a technician to fix it. They did send me a notice by text message saying that they would be sending out another technician - so I needn't have worried - but somehow I forgot about this message in the usual press of everyday things.

This morning, the internet was down again and I tried rebooting the modem but nothing worked. Then I called the ISP and the guy reminded me that someone was coming out today to fix the connection. I remembered about it then and we rang off, then I went about my business - in fact I ironed the shirts - while I waited for the call on the intercom. Then I realised that the technician this time might not be coming to the apartment itself, but instead might be doing other things in other places to fix the connection. Anyway, I waited until midday - the zero time for the appointment to end this morning - and eventually the connection came back on because I could see the little icon change on the computer screen from "no connection" to "connected".

So now I have the internet back on, although how long it lasts this time is anyone's guess. We'll just have to see. Meanwhile, I have a glass of wine and a thought now about going out to get some lunch. I have been dieting but I have a regimen that allows me certain foods at certain times of the day, and I think a chicken schnitzel roll will be just the thing for me today.