Thursday, 12 April 2007

Charles Firth of The Chaser's War On Everything collared Hillary Clinton and got the skit, which had been posted on YouTube, listed on The Drudge Report. Fairfax standalone Web site reported the story.

"VIDEO: OZ TV PRANK ON HILLARY: I WANT TO BE YOUR INTERN!" blares the listing (which is buried now on the archives page). Posted yesterday on the video-sharing site by 36-year-old New Zealander EdFightback, it has been viewed almost 82,500 times.

Firth told Clinton he wanted to be her intern. Laughing it off as best she could, Clinton quickly moved away from the pesky comedian.

The Chaser has been in the news recently in Australia. Member Chas Licciardello angered police by offering fans of the Canterbury-Bankstown (Bulldogs) rugby league team "a Bulldogs supporters kit" containing knuckledusters, balaclavas, an imitation knife, flares, and bottles claiming to contain a date-rape drug. Police called it an "act of mindless stupidity" while the premier of New South Wales Morris Iemma said the joke was "grossly inappropriate behaviour".

Licciardello was taken to court. Sutherland Local Court magistrate Joanne Keogh dismissed the case against him, and "found that although not everybody may have understood the joke, it was not offensive conduct".

Bulldogs fans are notorious for their riotous behaviour during football games, routinely becoming embroiled in fights.

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