Thursday, 19 April 2007

Lit bloggers with new bookcases are trying to cope with the cascade of new titles that pours from the presses. And we're only talking about books written in the English language.

Over at The Penguin Blog, Sam the Junior Copywriter says that he faces "a constant battle ... against the rising tide of books". In response, he's just built his third set of shelves in as many months. Whew!

"I suspect I will soon be in the situation of fashioning tables, sofas and shoddily-balanced bedsteads from the paperbacks, in an attempt to not have them burnt on a pyre by my space-loving better half."

Ikea was his supplier of choice.

Ron at BiblioBillaBong relates that "The final four bookcases were delivered last Friday and I’ve spent Easter weekend filling them although I’m not finished yet."

"I am still not going to be able to fit all our books on the new shelving (just over fifty metres and still not enough) and decided to bite the bullet and do a cull."

Ron's supplier of choice was a local cabinetmaker. His six new units are made of "oiled Kauri pine".

And Bud of Chekhov's Mistress tells of his "8 shelves, including the top of the case, 3 feet wide", promising himself that any books that didn't fit would be "expelled".

"We’re ignoring for a moment the boxes of books in the basement and those stacked in various other places around the house, including three other bookcases."

Having completed the new arrangement, he discovered that he suddenly had "an entire bookcase of poetry, which surprised me because I hate most of the stuff (all of them actually, except for the ones that I absolutely love)."

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