Friday, 20 April 2007

Steven Gan, Malaysiakini co-founder, says that ex-prime minister Mahathir Mohamad is a hypocrite.

Mahathir expressed his support for bloggers, who have been attacked by ministers of the Malaysian government. The Sydney Morning Herald reported recently that "Deputy energy, water and communications minister Shaziman Abu Mansor said his department was considering an option to make surfers identify themselves so that the government can track their activities."

"We might follow some other countries who register bloggers as well," he told AFP. "That's what Singapore is doing as well."

The Star columnist Joceline Tan reported that Shaziman made similar remarks in parliament. Singapore, however, does not register bloggers.

Gan implied that Mahathir's "realisation of the value of alternative news sources" contrasted radically with his attitude toward the press when he was prime minister.

Malaysiakini was banned from government press functions and had its offices raided during Mahathir's administration.

"I just wished that he would have said the same thing when he was prime minister," Gan said.

There are some videos on Malaysiakini's Web site that are of interest.

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