Monday, 16 April 2007

Climate sceptics: you are not alone. The video below is easily located on YouTube using the search term "global warming swindle", as in The Great Global Warming Swindle.

You see, I agree with them.

It's very incorrect, politically, to say such a thing nowadays. In Australia, since about the fourth quarter of 2006, the notion of global warming has become the new orthodoxy. In the video, they talk about a new "political ideology" and climate change scientists having "a vested interest" in it because panic on the weather front attracts funding. Green is the new black.

Unfortunately, the only political group pursuing an anti-climate change agenda is a rather strange one. I happened to pass a group of young people standing on the corner of City Road, on my way to a lecture, when I saw the headline 'Global Warming is a Fraud!' and felt an immediate pull on my affections.

Further research, however, reveals a rather unusual bunch of people. The Citizens Electoral Council of Australia's anti-climate change Web page displays a distictly odd set of notions, such as that climate change fear is "a hoax being stoked up by British interests paying Al Gore".

But they don't stop there. There's more (and it's even odder). Such as:

In the name of saving the planet, an international fascist movement has been created with the intention of reducing the world's population on a scale greater than even Hitler dared dream.


I never realised! I must be extremely dim not to have seen this coming. The group's affiliations also deserve scrutiny, if only to learn more about the correctness of their single mainstream policy. There's plenty in the Wikipedia for those interested in educating themselves, if not about the dastardly global conspiracy to impoverish the West, then in the charmingly left-of-field nature of this curious collection of fellow travellers.


Anonymous said...

You agree with them? Still, after so many (99%) of scientists refute his claims so adequately?

People like you (that believe everything you read and hear) is why they didn't want to show this on television at all, putting into jeopardy free-speech and healthy debate.

Yes I watched this months ago, and was 'lead on' by the narrator, but at least had the sense to do some research into their claims.

I hope you have done the same, and now have come to much more educated /informed decision, rather than believing carefully orchestrated propaganda such as this!

I'm shocked at how easily people believe things, wag the dog my man!

Matthew da Silva said...

I do not bow to authority, unlike 99% of people in this country.

What do you know about what I know? You know nothing and dare to assert your own opinion, or what you've swallowed unthinkingly from others, in preference to finding out what I know.

The program had no effect on me. I knew all this before it screened. Unlike you, I make up my own mind wbout everything in my life.

What you call 'carefully orchestratged propaganda' is simply a well-made film that pushes a position opposed to your own.