Friday, 27 April 2007

The Co-op Bookshop has a sale on now!

Hie thee thenceward Australians! And benefit from low prices and quality stock. As it is affiliated with universities, titles available from the Co-op are pretty unique. You won't find this kind of material at any of the major chains, who of course have their own sales periodically throughout the year.

The Co-op's sale is on for a while yet, so there's plenty of time. In New South Wales they have outlets at the University of Sydney and the University of Technology, Sydney.

My purchases today (for around $125) are:

Notebooks: 1970 - 2003, Murray Bail (2005)
The Ideas Market: An alternative take on Australia's intellectual life, David Carter ed. (2004)
Where the Jackals Howl and other stories, Amos Oz (1980)
Unto Death, Amos Oz (1971)
The Tent, Margaret Atwood (2006)
Stanley and the Women, Kinglsey Amis (1984)
Key Concepts in Journalism Studies, Bob Franklin, Martin Hamer, Mark Hanna, Marie Kinsey and John E. Richardson (2005)
Journey to the End of the Night, Louis-Ferdinand Celine (1934, trans. Ralph Manheim 1983)
The Vintage Mencken, gathered by Alistair Cooke (1990)
Arthur & George, Julian Barnes (2005)
The Cave, Jose Saramago (2002)
Out of the Silence: A Story of Love, Betrayal, Politics and Murder, Wendy James (2005)
On Literature, Umberto Eco (2005)
Violence and the Media: A Reference Handbook, Nancy Signorelli (2005)
The Modern Murasaki: Writing by Women of Meiji Japan, Rebecca L. Copeland and Melek Ortabasi eds. (2006)
The Reader, Bernhard Schlink (1997)
The Zigzag Way, Anita Desai (2004)
The Key, Junichiro Tanizaki (1961)
Visiting Mrs Nabokov, And Other Excursions, Martin Amis (1993)

As you can see, many of these titles are of quite recent origin. Differentiating itself from other chains, the Co-op offers some pretty interesting stuff that can be read either as part of a course of study or simply for pleasure.

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