Sunday, 15 April 2007

George Gittoes is interviewed for a feature in Sunday Life (a supplement in The Sun-Herald) by Angus Fontaine: 'What makes men happy?'

For Gittoes, it's simple: "My wife and kids ... know if I wasn't doing what makes me happy ... I'd be a monster to live with." Seen here in the same shirt he wore for the opening of his No Exit show (which I attended back in February), Gittoes says "... what I am is a believer that if there must be war, there must also be evidence that someone felt something. That is what I do — create some evidence that we cared."

The happiest moments I've known are when I've conquered fear. Courage is an art, like dance or music, a gift people are born with. As a war artist and filmmaker, the decision to put myself in harm's way is mine alone, not an order from an officer as it is with soldiers. Risking death goes against human nature but once achieved and conquered, there's nothing more exhilarating — something inside seems to expand. Courage is one of the fastest ways to attain self-knowledge I know.

Gittoes, 57, has not only made films, he's also a talented artist.

There's nothing more satisfying, no matter what horrors I've seen, than to fly home knowing the film and art in my luggage have made a difference. Creating in the face of destruction — that's my greatest happiness.


Anonymous said...

George Gittoes is a wonderful diversified man. His talents and deep emotional context of human beings of all races and conflicts of wars , he has been there and knows from first hand expierience what the ground troops are going through and follows up what we as parents and average people really want to know. He has been there , been through it, the worst , and best, and we need to listen very , very closely..........Pam Daniels. he has touched my daughter and our family very closely and intensely with her songs,,, feeling and emotions.. you need to watch his films... her songs,,,, and what he has to say America.

Matthew da Silva said...

Yes, he is very empathetic toward those who usually receive little space in the public debate in the West. This is admirable.