Thursday, 5 April 2007

Just One More Book!! is another item found in my inbox today. It is "a thrice-weekly podcast" about children's books "powered by passion". "We have no advertisers or sponsors and there is no financial gain to be had."

Episodes range in length from 5 to 12 minutes and can be played directly from our web page or downloaded to an ipod for listening on the go. Each episode is an informal discussion of one of our family's favourite children's books. We also feature interviews with authors, literacy related discussions or audio reviews submitted by our listeners.

The archives go back to July 2006. The 4 April podcast is number 123 in the series.

I'd never heard of this before. It's an interesting development that could be extended to literature for adults. Edward Champion does something similar with the Bat Segundo series on his blog, Return of the Reluctant (see link below). But three times a week is a lot of work for a site that does not charge for its content. I presume there are several contributors. Surely it would be too much for one person to run alone.

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Anonymous said...


Just One More Book is produced by my wife, Andrea, and myself. I can't imagine either of us being able to do it on our own. Besides the workload, it wouldn't be nearly as fun.

We would love to include a review by you of one of your favourite children's books. You can send it to us in a number of ways (see our website or email us for the options).

Best wishes,