Saturday, 14 April 2007

So as not to render the time spent driving out to the Domain a complete waste, I decided to take some snaps. It turned out that the exhibition I came to see was at another gallery.

The Henry Moore sculpture Reclining figure: Angles (1980) lies in front of Garden Island, a military installation. You can see the hammer-head crane at top left.

The juxtaposition of residential and military areas is quite striking, I think. One designed for comfort and the other for destruction.

The road in front of the Art Gallery of New South Wales also crosses one of the major approaches to the Harbour Bridge and the tunnel under the harbour. Both lead to the northern suburbs.

Art Gallery Road leading down to Mrs Macquarie's Chair is always packed on weekends, by people driving into the city to enjoy the Botanical Gardens and other attractions unavailable in the outer suburbs.

The green of the gardens is a refreshing change from the macadam and concrete of the suburbs.

Behind the railing that surrounds the gardens the lawns slope down to the harbour. Above them rise the towers of the central business district (CBD).

I shovelled in a fob-full of fifties for an hour and a half of parking time. The meters are easy to use. The city administration must make a fortune from them.

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bibliobibuli said...

brings back memories of exploring sydney on foot not so long ago!