I began to make paintings in late October 2022 as part of the Eastern Suburbs Art Group's (Esag) roster of events. I'd gone around Sydney in my car picking up magazines intending to allow people to make collage and this is what we did, it was fun (I had report) and I was so pleased with the results that I decided to do more on my own.

Starting in November I painted for a couple of months then took a break over the new year, restarting in January. In the first week of February 2023 someone I met randomly bought one of my artworks and in March I swapped some with a painter who had been instrumental in my emergence into art. Rozee had asked me why I couldn't paint (this was in March 2022) when we'd met at a film festival and had talked.

I began to use advertising slogans in my work early on and then in March 2023 started a series of abstract works after buying a book on abstract painters. All of this activity coming to a head in April 2023 when Simon, who'd started Esag with me in July 2022, began to organise an art show with four artists. The signal event was a discussion Simon and I had on 29 April 2023 at my place to plan a show at Darlinghurst's Art Centre of Sydney, the title of the show to be 'Colour as a Plot Device'. We eventually held the show at Laerk Space in Newtown, then I held 'Media of mass psychology', my first solo show, in November adt the same gallery. What follows are three works that featured in that show.

Birth, 2022 (photographic print)

FOCARE II, 2023 (watercolour and collage on paper)

Social animals III, 2023 (mixed media)

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