Thursday, 25 November 2021

Tweeting better stories, episode eleven: October 2021

Wanting to find a lighter-hearted way I offer readers this eleventh post in a series.

On 18 October at 5.16am this casual social media comment appeared in my feed:

The following tweet, which appeared on 29 October at 3.23pm, is too strange!


At 6.26am on 1 October I saw this:

On 16 October at 5.37am, this wonderful double match appeared in my feed:

On 17 October at 1.16pm this was visible to me:

The solar system

On 2 October at 5.42am I saw this tweet in my feed:

On 4 October at 6.12am I saw this in my feed:

On 7 October at 6.12am I saw this:

At 2.37pm on 7 October I saw this in my feed:

Art & writing

At 5.12am on 3 October this appeared:

At 10.14am on 22 October this nice double match appeared to me:


On 14 October at 5.25pm this appeared:

On 23 October at 7.43am this double match (about forests and the wilderness) appeared in my feed:

On 25 October at 4.38am this terrific poem appeared:

I saw the following image on Instagram on 30 October at 8.15am:


On 8 October at 5.09am I saw this tweet:

On 12 October at 6.35am this appeared in my feed:

On 16 October at 4.12am this appeared on Twitter:

On 16 October at 5.51am this appeared:

On the next day at 6.55am this appeared in my Twitter feed:

On 28 October at 6.27am this drawing appeared:

On 31 October at 6.41am I saw this:


On 11 October at 7.32am I saw this double match in my feed:

This appeared in my feed on 13 October at 5.55am:

At 4.40am on 25 October this fantastic double match appeared:

On 31 October at 5.50am I saw this:

Love & beauty

On 17 October at 7.08am this double match was visible to me:

On 24 October at 6.08am this appeared in my feed:


On 14 October at 7.38am this appeared:

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