Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Take two: Judith Wright, Collected Poems (1994)

I took this photo in front of a picture by a friend of mine she made in southeast Queensland not far from where Wright and her husband had a holiday home. The island off the coast in the drawing is Mujimba. I know this because I visited mum and dad on the Coast and even lived there for a number of years. Mujimba lies within sight of Mount Coolum, which is shaped like a woman’s breast.

This book came into my collection at some point and I paid $8 for it second-hand. I know this because the amount is written in pencil inside the front on the first page where there’s a publisher’s blurb. I guess that I bought the book after my return from Japan, which happened in 2001, so not so very long after the book first appeared.

In my review I go into detail about what Wright’s poems made me think about while reading. Her poetry strikes me as being good overall, but that’s all I’ll say for the moment. If you want to read a full review please make the effort and subscribe to my Patreon (it’s very good value, I promise). 

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