Thursday, 11 November 2021

Take two: The Blessing, Nancy Mitford (1951)

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I’m not sure where I bought this volume but the sticker (“$4”) on the front cover suggests it was at a charity book sale. It might’ve been the 2MBS FM book & record bazaar, which last time was held just over the bridge in Crows Nest. Wherever I got it, for the quality of the work the price was terribly cheap. I’d read a biography of the author not long before finding this book on a shelf and so had been somewhat prepared in advance of opening it up to read for the first time. 

In fact I found it soothing and I’m reminded that my father liked Mitford. The picture in the background in the above photo is one of my daughter’s drawings from when she was small. This year I had five such pictures framed with different coloured mounts to make a pleasant set for the stairwell.

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