Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Take two: The Patagonian Hare, Claude Lanzmann (2012)

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I’m grimacing in the above photo because I had to squat in order to get this shot of the book’s cover in front of Fritz Kraul’s ‘Koge’ (1912), selected for inclusion because Lanzmann’s memoir looks back – as all memoirs do – at the distant past. 

The painting came to me via my cousin and his father (who’d inherited it from his uncle-by-marriage). I bought Lanzmann’s book probably at Books of Buderim. The sticker on the back isn’t branded and that bookstore is a small independent concern. I used to go there with mum some weekends as she liked to browse in shops. When I was with her she’d also make time to take the opportunity to chat with people – not excluding salesclerks and proprietors – met with in her travels. 

Buderim is at the very top of a hill. The fact of the town being located on a summit is apposite as Lanzmann and Simone de Beauvoir, his lover, used to go on mountain hikes. Uncle Elmer also used to climb mountains when he was young, and I have some photograph albums with pictures of a young Elmer in the snow.

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