Friday, 24 February 2017

A quiet night at home

The girl stayed over last night so I got up early and drove her home in the car, so that she could get to some meetings on time. I came home in the rush-hours traffic unscathed and parked the car under the building. When I got inside I went back to bed and slept until late, then got up and put on the washing - the sheets on this occasion - and ironed the shirts.

Later I went back to bed for a nap and then the girl called me from the city and I got up and walked into town. We went to McDonald's first for a drink, then to the cheap noodle restaurant on Bathurst Street to have some food. The noodles with chicken were delicious but too long, making it hard to serve them up in the small dishes we had for the purpose. The dumplings were reliably good and I had mine with chilli and vinegar. Then I said goodbye to the girl and walked home.

At home I opened some wine and had a drink and put half of the laundry in the tumble dryer. I went to the computer and focused on social media, which was something I hadn't done for a few days. Later, I washed the dishes and put the second load of laundry on to dry. When all the laundry was dry I put the dry sheets in the bedroom and went back to social media. It didn't rain this evening, as I had somehow hoped it would, but I had a good evening nonetheless. The wine got a bit acid later but I opened a new bottle and kept drinking. It was a quiet night, a good night.

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