Saturday, 18 February 2017

Buying a costume

I got up quite late this morning and saw a message from the girl - we had organised to go out this morning - and I had some coffee and left the apartment to go to her house in the car. When I got there I found a parking spot and went upstairs. She was ready to go and soon we were on our way up the Princes Highway then onto Euston Road, where we quickly parked. We walked up to an eatery named Grandma's and ordered some lunch - I had some chicken stew and a flat white and the girl had a baguette and some apple juice - which we ate soon enough and paid for before walking to the costume shop on the corner.

She looked through some genie costumes that the sales clerk pointed out. The bags of costumes in the store are all sealed and you cannot open them; you have to rely on the picture on the packet and what you can see through the plastic bag they come in. She eventually settled on a purple genie's costume - we are going to see Aladdin on Wednesday, and she wanted to wear something appropriate - and a hat in the style they wear in the western Chinese province of Xinjiang.

She wore the hat all day. After we got back to my place we hap a lie down then got up and went into town to buy some shorts for me. I haven't worn any shorts during the summer and she thought I should have some. I eventually found two pairs in suitable sizes, but sizes vary so much you cannot just rely on asking for a "size 40, thanks". You're likely to get something two sizes too small. I also bought a belt. After I had paid for the items I found that the alarm went off at the exit, so I had to take them back to get reneutered at the checkout. Then we went upstairs to level 6 where Myer has something called 'Wonderland', a shopping floor for children. It includes an interactive display that captures an image of the person taking part, where you can hit snowflakes and airships and that sort of thing.

We walked back home across the Pyrmont Bridge and went to Coles to buy some groceries. We bought some seafood, figs, tofu, coriander, carrot and snow peas. At home I went to the bedroom to have a short nap while the girl did things with her phone on the couch. When I got up I came out and she started to cook. She cooked snow peas, pasta with carrot, and a seafood soup with tofu, as well as the rest of the dumplings from a few weeks before. After dinner I drove her home because she was feeling tired, and we stopped off at Woollies to do some shopping for her, before driving to her place, where I dropped her off and headed home up Marsh Street and O'Riordan Street. Once home I did the dishes then sat down in front of social media and turned on the TV.

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