Sunday, 26 February 2017

Sunday dinner at the pub

I got up this morning and spoke to the girl - who had come over last night and stayed after a dinner engagement - and then went back to bed, getting up late. We had some breakfast - including onion soup for me because I had a slight cold, as well as special tasty carrots from the supermarket, and a scrambled egg with carrot and tomato - and then I washed the dishes. I also dried out some clothes the girl needed for the day.

When we were ready I drove her home and came back in the car listening to a program about homelessness in the Shoalhaven. When I got home I went straight up the street to the Vietnamese restaurant and had a bowl of pho, then came back home and started straight away on a poem about homelessness. I put on the washing and went to bed and had a nap, then got up later and opened some wine. I finished the poem with some revisions and then went up to the pub to get some food. At the pub I bought a beer and took out some money from the ATM then sat down at the table and had the pasta I had ordered. I ate it one-handed while scrolling through my Facebook feed, then got up from the table and returned home.

I wrote another poems, this one titled 'Dinner at the pub' and turned the TV on. I put half the washing into the tumble dryer and sat down to edit the poems I had written during the day. When I was happy with them, I published them again on Facebook. I put the other half of the washing into the tumble dryer. I made a tweet.

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