Tuesday, 21 February 2017

A trip to the city

This morning I got up late and made some coffee, then checked the emails. There was one from my Japanese lawyer about the property purchase in Japan, and it described documents I had to secure to enable the purchase to go ahead. These included notarised certificates for the power of attorney for my ex-wife, as well as notarised identification documents needed to establish that I am an Australian resident.

I telephoned the public notary in the city whose details appeared in my lawyer's email and made an appointment to go to see him to get the certificates described. Then I finished off what I was doing and headed outside. I went down Harris Street to Union Square then headed out over the Pyrmont Bridge to the CBD. The notary's office is in the Dymocks building, and I headed there and got into the rather rickety lift. In the notary's office I got a phone call from my ISP, and I asked them to call me back tomorrow. I went into the notary's office and showed him the originals of the documents I had emailed in the morning. He signed the certificates and handed them to me, then I paid. He made some smalltalk. I left the office and headed back to Pyrmont.

I went to the Japanese restaurant and ordered some ramen and had some sushi and a beer. Then I paid and went to my psychiatrist's office and we talked about my weight problem. He had some suggestions. I concurred with his advice. After the appointment I went back home and had some wine and used social media for a couple of hours until I felt sleepy. Then I had a nap until the girl called me and told me she was on her way to her dance class. I got up and went back to social media - relieved to have something interesting to do; we had had a blackout the night before and I had been cut off from my usual retreats - and then the girl called me again and said she had lost her Opal card and was in Ashfield instead of Newtown - where the dance studio is. I told her she was a fuzzlebuggy and she asked me what that was and I said she wasn't very organised.

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