Thursday, 16 February 2017

Noodles in Marrickville

This morning I got up early to let in the cleaners but they sent me a message saying they would be late due to traffic on Parramatta Road. I went back to bed to wait for them and eventually their buzz arrived and I let them into the building. They started doing their thing and I lay down on the couch to wait, with the TV on. When they had finished I paid and went back to bed and had a sleep for a few hours. Then after I got up and had some more coffee, I went back to bed again.

At about 3.30pm I got up because I had an appointment at an open house in the afternoon, and I left home at around 4pm in the car. It only took me about 30 minutes to arrive at the location, and I walked down the street, nursing my sore ankle from the day before. I got some way down the street - to the station - before turning back and going into a Vietnamese restaurant and having a bowl of chicken and bamboo shoots noodles.

When I had finished I went back and waited in my car for about 15 minutes then went to the open house and looked around. It is an interesting place where the owner has done a lot of work on the place - including a koi pool, partridge aviary, ducted cooling, centralised hifi, second-level bedroom up some seriously steep stairs - and there's a garage out the back big enough to be a granny flat.

I met my friend there and we looked around then he needed to go to Woollies, so we walked down the street talking and did some shopping, then walked back to my car. I drove him home then headed back to my place down Paramatta Road and Pyrmont Bridge Road. When I got back the girl called me, she had been at a talk in Surry Hills and wanted to go to a Thai restaurant to have some dinner before going home. She called me again later, after she had got off the train, to complain about a rude woman on the train who had complained about her coughing. I went back to social media to do some more sharing online before going to bed.

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