Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Sushi for lunch

This morning I woke up to a phone call from a business associate who wanted to update my details, and after I hung up I got out of bed and made some coffee. It had rained during the night so it was a little dark this morning when I came out to the living room. The air was still cool and crisp, unlike in midsummer when it streams in through the windows like a blast of pure radiation (which of course it is at those times). I sat down at the computer and turned it on and checked the emails.

There was another email from the Japanese lawyer asking for more notarised documents relating to the Japan property purchase, so I made a call to the notary public in the CBD and made an appointment to go in to pick up the document he was preparing. Then I went back to bed for a nap and set the alarm. I got up about 45 minutes later and headed out over the Pyrmont Bridge. It was hot again and I started to sweat. I arrived at the notary public's office in George Street and went up in the creaky old elevator. I signed the form he showed me and paid for the document then headed back to Pyrmont.

Back at Harris Street I went into one of the Japanese restaurants and ordered a beer, and sat down at the sushi train to have some lunch. When I had eaten five plates of sushi I paid with my debit card and left, heading home. At home I went back to bed for a nap and had a sleep. I woke up some time later and had some cold coffee with milk, then opened a bottle of wine. I turned on the TV and listened to the news while attending to social media.

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