Monday, 27 November 2006

Susan McCulloch is proud of her father's achievement: publishing, in 1968, The Encyclopedia of Australian Art. New editions appeared in 1984 and 1994. Now, reports Angela Bennie on page 11 of The Sydney Morning Herald, the fourth edition has been compiled by McCulloch and her daughter, Emily McCulloch Childs.

Aboriginal art has been given its own section in the book, which includes 8000 listings, 1500 new entries and 1000 illustrations. Says Susan:

"Just take the interest and activity there is around Aboriginal art. It has simply exploded."

Emily McCulloch Childs and Susan McCulloch
"We decided to give Aboriginal art its own section after much thought," Susan says. "This was not meant to segregate it, but we felt it would be more useful as a reference work that way. One day it will merge, I believe, but it should not be merged now … we are reflecting how things are, where Aboriginal art is. In all our major institutions like galleries, they are included but within their own space or in a gallery of their own. So it is in the book."

The New McCulloch's Encyclopedia of Australian Art is published by Aus Art Editions in association with Miegunyah Press, which is a well-known publisher of art books and a special imprint of Melbourne University Publishing. My edition of Juan Davila by Guy Brett and Roger Benjamin is published by Miegunyah.

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