Monday, 13 November 2006

I submitted my final assignment today. Now all there is to do is wait for the results to come out. I'm fairly confident of passing the course, but look forward to something more than a mere pass grade.

I've also decided to continue studying next year by upgrading to a masters degree. In fact I handed over the paperwork for this little exercise last week. The forms go to the department and, pending a pass grade, it should go through no worries.

For the final assignment, just handed in, we got a lot of time. More than usual. Which is nice. But in fact last weekend I didn't work on it at all, apart from adding references (footnotes). Trusting that all the work put in the previous weekend would be enough. When you get towards the end of the semester, you start to wish it would all finish as quickly as possible. The same thing happened at the end of first semester. All of a sudden I got jack of it.

So why am I choosing to continue next year? Firstly, there's the kudos. This second degree will make me the highest-qualified person in my immediate family. Secondly, it was fun. And there can be no better reason to continue something, than enjoyment. And I did enjoy it. Hopefully, the units I have chosen for next year will be as good. We'll see.

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