Thursday, 23 November 2006

The ABC will launch a new chat show in an effort to visibly counter claims of bias. Difference of Opinion takes us down the Japanese path of having panels of the usual suspects sit around a table talking 'the issues' to death.

Releasing the station's 2007 schedule, the director of television, Kim Dalton, reveals that Media Watch, the much-criticised media investigative commentary show, will be on again next year. Good. Monday night remains pleasurable. Monica Attard will continue as the program's face and voice. A dry, acerbic one it is, too. Go Monica!

The "veteran journalist" Jeff McMullan will compere Difference of Opinion, which will air for an hour each week. No news yet on what nights it will air. When I telephoned the station they said the scheduling people had left for the day.

Claims of bias against the Australian Broadcasting Corporation have proliferated in recent months. Now we know that the new managing director, Mark Scott, has been busy. (Left-wing bias is, I acknowledge, a permanent feature of the ABC. And it's a bloody good thing that it is, too, as they should always be vigilant, and mindful of the influence on Australian audiences of three commercial, free-to-air stations.)

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