Thursday, 16 November 2006

Search terms used to find your blog can sometimes be pretty revealing. Generally, I don't find anything particularly offensive, but for the record here are two recent ones that caught my eye. For obvious reasons. The first one was a surfer based in South Africa:

State/Region: Western Cape, City: Bellville
romance son mother "her bed" "his cock"

The second interesting one was used by a surfer in Turkey:

State/Region: Istanbul, City: Istanbul
"blowjob under the table""

(I like the second quote mark in this search phrase, as if he — I assume it was a 'he', but I've obviously got no proof — was in such a hurry that he slipped on the keyboard: yuck.) Naturally, what these guys found were the blue bits I quoted in reviews of books by Michel Houellebecq. The first one got a monthly archive page that contains both the review of Atomised ("his cock"; this is Bruno on the train watching the girls sitting there in front of him) that I published on 8 July and a review of John Updike's Brazil ("her bed"; this is about Tristão when he first meets Isabel), published on 12 July. The second one got my review of The Possibility of an Island, published on 9 November.

Che sera, sera.

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