Friday, 17 November 2006


After leaving work today I dropped by the newsagents to pick up the papers. I bought The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian and The Financial Review (as the Friday edition has longer, generalist pieces in it, sometimes on cultural topics). I popped into the food hall and bought a kebab to munch on on the drive home. On the way out of the centre, I stuck the still-hot kebab into my pocket in order to free my hands so that I could put the newspapers into my shoulder bag.

It struck me that this is what the girls feel (or boys, of course) when they are in close contact with a male human who is reacting physically to their charms. Not that I've ever been in this situation before. Not even at school (when all sorts of things can, and do, happen). I can't recall it ever occurring, at least.

After extracting the warm bundle from my pants pocket, I walked to my car, relieved to be away from the office. We're hellishly busy right now. A major software release is due to be implemented this weekend, and everybody wanted to get in on the communications act. So I was frantic. So busy that on the way down King Street my work colleague phoned me to ask me on which Web page to post a document. I usually don't answer the phone when I'm driving, but I dragged the phone from my pocket and answered it, just in case. It felt odd.

Munching my beef kebab (with garlic and chili sauce), with one knee propped under the steering wheel, made me feel stranger still. Like I was on holidays. Well, next Friday I'm taking a scheduled day off, so it will be happy days for me.

Today is my last day of study leave. It's the end of the semester, and the end of the year. One more year to go.

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