Thursday, 30 November 2006

Mollie Gowing, of the famous Australian Gowing retailing clan, has donated 400 works of Aboriginal art to the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Elderly Mollie appeared on camera for the ABC's 7.00 News, talking about the works she had collected over a lifetime.

"Mollie Gowing is a very rare and unconventional person, and that's borne out in the nature of her gift," said one gallery staffer.

Gowings closed its doors for the last time in January having traded for 138 years. Obviously they couldn't keep up with the times. It's a bit sad. I bought some pants and a work shirt at Gowings about two years ago, and they have both worn very well. After trying to trade on their reputation for some years, the value of the brand faded to very little indeed.

Mollie's gift looks set to endure well into the future. She'll be remembered at the gallery for a very long time. Hopefully, the bequest will be commemorated on the labels used to describe the paintings and other works, which include some woven items that her husband sent to her from the Top End while he was serving with the Australian military.

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