Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Schapelle Corby "may see no cash from book" reports The Sydney Morning Herald. It's only a tiny piece in the domestic 'News Focus' section (p. 5), so I'll quote it in full.

The convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby, 29, may make a lot of money from her book, but she may never see any of it. The Minister for Justice, Chris Ellison, confirmed yesterday that proceeds from sales of the book, My Story, could be confiscated under Commonwealth proceeds from crime legislation.

The West Australian has a longer version of the same story, which it published on 13 November.

Wikipedia has a compendious treatment of the saga, if you're curious about this former fashion student who has been convicted, by an Indonesian court, of attempting to import into Indonesia, hidden inside her boogie-board case, several kilos of marijuana. Last year she was imprisoned in Bali for twenty years. The book itself is being flogged by ABC bookshops as well as everyone else in the country. It was written by Kathryn Bonella. This from the 10 November edition of The Daily Telegraph, a tabloid, which I never read (well, almost never: I did buy the two Sunday papers last weekend, but only because I wanted fresh news about the Victorian elections):

Based on a series of secret interviews Bonella conducted with Corby inside the jail, the Pan Macmillan book provides a frightening glimpse of the squalid conditions inside the jail.

Eminently missable.

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