Tuesday 14 March 2023

Progress of collage

It’s been four-and-a-half months since I started making collage, it started with Esag and a vision board then we had another session where we made small, A5 collages on any theme though it began with a sky.

A sky.

How to make one with watercolour? I think you have to imagine when sitting in the room what a sky might look like if you’d been asked to design one. Once you have a sky you can put things under it, like mountains and rivers, spaceships and dogs.

Anything you like.

This is the first collage apart from the vision board that I made. Under the sky is a body of water, some bicycle wheels, and then there are the words, things that we partly take for granted – if they’re what we expect to see – and that challenge our understanding.

The second collage I made is below. In fact this painting also includes a sky but this time in violet instead of blue. The orange hill or mountain range at the bottom was deliberately added to give a sense of depth, but this sense of depth is challenged by the cut-outs in the sky that sort of give a view into an alternate universe where there are trees and some sort of galaxy.

Or cheese. 

Maybe it’s from a cooking magazine, in fact that’s it, I got it from a women’s magazine where on one page you have the universe of celebrity and on the next page you have the galaxy of skincare. Hyaluronic acid right with the royals!

A royal flush.

Skin care is not a big issue for men, though I understand that this is changing. Perhaps I should spend more time watching ‘Married at First Sight’ or ‘The Bachelor’. Instead I waste my evening hours with stupid 90s crime dramas, it seems like so many memorable ones were pioneered in that decade, on both sides of the Atlantic. Under the sky the ocean, but which ocean? A bicycle wheel means a machine, but one powered by humans. Today it’s raining tomorrow will be sun, true believers they march as one.

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Anonymous said...

I’ve really enjoyed this project of yours developing into such an intriguing narrative.