Saturday, 11 March 2023

New collage series

I wanted to get back to six-letter phrases and chose names to make the jump from what I was working on prior. I made two items in the new collage series, one dedicated to Jeffrey Dahmer (‘Dahmer mostro’) which is a subject I’d earlier tried in the initial collage series. I actually had the first one at the framers’ months ago but stopped the work because I wasn’t happy with it. I’m much happier with the new version.

Even though I’m much happier with the result the second time around I still worry that the underlying collage letters perhaps take up too much real estate. What do you think? If the letters were thinner would the result be better?

The second item in the new series is dedicated to Barry Manilow, a singer I was fond of when I was young.

To make the collage in each case I took pages out of ‘New Scientist’ magazine as I still have lots of this publication in reserve to use for collage.

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