Wednesday, 8 March 2023

CAPitalism series revisited

I just can’t get enough … of the CAPitalism series, to which I’ve added four images. 

Unlike other series I think these ones work ok with collage. I don’t know exactly what it is and someone else might be better situated to comment on these artworks, but the collage in the CAPitalism (car, ad, pop music) seems to cohere with the images. 

What do you think?

In recent weeks I’ve had cars hanging on my living room walls because I reorganised the hang, I brought down from upstairs some paintings I bought 15 years back. I also put up some photos of Aunt Madge’s which I’d had framed.

On crime dramas cars have a special significance also, on Monday night I watched a particularly bizarre episode of ‘Chief Inspector Morse’ where his red Jaguar is vandalised with Masonic symbols. Morse is the suspect in a killing and another inspector is brought in to investigate the case. The attacker has a vendetta against Morse and scratches his car leaving it badly damaged. The replacement inspector is a Mason and at the end of the ep he invited Morse to join. It’s totally mad. Morse tracks the killer down to a house in Oxford and the murderer has plastered the walls with images of Morse in order to indicate in a televisual fashion that he’s obsessed with the detective. But the thing is that in this show the red car morse drives is almost like a character, when Morse and Lewis see the killer’s car in the driveway it turns out to be a Jaguar as well BUT A MORE MODERN MODEL and Morse disparagingly makes a comment so Lewis can hear. He mocks the style of the killer’s Jaguar as if the older style is MUCH BETTER when in fact (objectively speaking) you’d have to say a more modern car would be better in an engineering sense.

Then there’s Vera Stanhope’s Land Rover.

I did a four-panel painting in honour of ‘Vera’ where one panel features the car she drives, a boxy contraption square as the little hat she always wears around the traps. I did one panel for the hat as well. One for the hat and one for the car. The first and second panels are taken up with that aeroplane man statue they erected ‘Angel of the North’ or something I can’t remember I watched a YouTube video about it once. Engineering marvel. Pity the Japanese make better cars!

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