Saturday, 24 March 2007

Morris Iemma and Labor have been returned with a slightly reduced majority. The swing against the Labor Party was around 3 per cent. They lost two seats. The Liberals gained two. The Greens won no seats in the Legislative Assembly despite predictions of strong showings in two inner-west seats. The following screen shot shows the result in Marrickville, where they almost pulled it off.

In the Legislative Council the Greens have increased their representation to four seats. The Greens have accused the Liberal Party, their natural foes, of dirty play. But the results are encouraging.

[Greens senator] Ms Rhiannon said the Greens had ... polled well in inner-Sydney lower house electorates of Balmain and Marrickville as well as Opposition Leader Peter Debnam's safe Liberal seat of Vaucluse.

This election is Iemma's first win as leader. It is also Peter Debnam's first loss as leader of the Liberals. Most probably Debnam will survive the loss. Iemma will probably make a few changes to his front bench in the coming week.

A handful of seats are still too close to call but the Labor Party will retain a workable majority in the Legislative Assembly.

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