Wednesday, 7 March 2007

The Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Sydney has a new director, journalist Jake Lynch. "Stuart Rees who recently retired from the position" says that it's a great and imaginative decision.

Lynch, 41, has been an investigative journalist for many years, most recently in the southern Philippines.

I recently became a member of CPACS. It's quite inexpensive, and assures me timely information about upcoming events. The last of their events I attended was when Zaki Chehab, an Arab journalist, visited Sydney and gave a talk in February 2006.

Lynch is dedicated to the cause of peace and, through his metier, has furthered the cause.

"I noticed that, because of the way media companies run, the most interesting stories never make it to air," he says. He knew he would need to work hard "to ventilate the important issues".

Together with [his wife Annabel] McGoldrick, also working at CPACS, Lynch has spent the past decade developing and campaigning for Peace Journalism.

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