Friday, 30 March 2007

Ex-Federal Court judge Marcus Einfeld, reports Kate McClymont in The Sydney Morning Herald, faces the possibility of jail. He will attend Downing Centre Local Court on 19 April. Readers outside Sydney will give not a toss, but for those of us here, this has been a long-running tale.

The story demonstrates the power of subeditors with access to Google.

Einfeld told a court that a U.S.-based professor was driving his Lexus when it was caught on a speed camera on 8 January last year. The sub discovered that the professor had died three years earlier. This story vindicates the methods of the tabloids. The sub worked for The Daily Telegraph.

Police pursued the ex-judge and yesterday he was found guilty. "The former judge was charged with six counts of perverting the course of justice, three of perjury, and four relating to false statutory declarations," reports McClymont.

McClymont is obviously the Herald's court reporter. We have already covered her story about PR operative Margot McKay, who was found guilty in November of gaining financial advantage by using sensitive knowledge to buy shares in the company she worked for, gaming machine manufacturer Aristocrat. McKay was due to be sentenced on 16 March but the paper has failed to report the outcome. Possibly the hearing has been delayed.

There's no way they'll miss Einfeld's sentencing.

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Anonymous said...

Get your facts straight. He has not been found guilty of anything yet. He has simply been charged by the police. He will not be sentenced on the 19th of April 2007. That is his first court hearing and he will need to make a plea. Will be intersting to see how he pleads.