Friday, 30 March 2007

Federal Liberal politicians, take note: the Noosa Book Lovers blog knows what to recommend when it comes to promoting Aussie values.

"The site is the creation of Carolyn Ride who discovered that her weekly book reviews on ABC Coast FM were generating an enthusiastic response from booklovers up and down the coast," says the blog's 'About' page.

Noosa Council characterises the locale as "one of the last bastions of natural beauty". It is located just north of where my parents live. Regular readers may recall my posts made while visiting the parental unit in January.

Residents of the Sunshine Coast, home to defunct media icon and wilderness crusader Steve Irwin, may wish to claim special status when it comes to promoting "Australian values" after reading this post. "I don’t think any of these authors could have written what they did in any other country," the writer asserts. The authors being spruiked (27 January) are Robert G. Barrett, Chris Nyst, and Leigh Redhead.

Just don't go looking for reviews of their books in the decadent urban broadsheets.

There's something about Queensland. They have no urban broadsheet, for a start. It's also the place that gave us Pauline Hanson. For those of you who haven't a clue who she is, there's help available.

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