Sunday, 27 August 2017

Rough sleepers of Wentworth Park

On my way to Newtown yesterday I took this photo of the tents under the railway viaduct in Wentworth Park. I had been told on Wednesday that the rough sleepers there had moved on but it turned out to be a false alarm, because they're still there although some of the arches that had been occupied are now empty.

Further up, on Broadway I saw Pepper and her owner walking down the street toward me. We all crossed the road at the traffic light and the dog and her owner - who I met last week - went into Victoria Park beside me. I didn't say hello. The man was carrying a bottle of red wine and he sprinkled a few drops of the liquid onto the dirt of a flower bed as he entered the park, with the dog at his heels. They walked past the old sandstone Gardener's Lodge and he sat down on a bench with another man near the building. I continued on my journey through the park toward Newtown.

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