Friday, 25 August 2017

Best salad bar in the Sydney CBD?

The picture below shows Famous Fish Co by Costi in the food court on the ground floor of the MLC Centre. Costi's have a great salad bar and I bought Lebanese lentil salad today along with the creamy seafood salad. The salads here are very fresh and tasty as well as cheap at only $11 for a large container with two salads in it. The taste of the lentil salad especially was really nice and fresh. There's a Soul Origin in the MLC Centre as well, where they sell salads too.

In the Westfield food court under the Myer store on Pitt Street Mall there's another good place to get salads called Pasta Pantry. I had a large container of their salad as well as some of one of their meat dishes the other day and it came to just over $14.

There's also a Soul Origin in the Broadway Shopping Centre which I use now that SumoSalad in that shopping centre has closed. The company CEO announced that it would be rethinking its viability back in June due to rising rents in shopping centres, and the Broadway shop hasn't been taken over by any other tenant since it shut.

Shopping centres will be feeling a bit shaky since Amazon announced earlier this month that it would be opening a fulfilment centre in Melbourne to service the Australian market. People like Frank Lowy, who owns Westfield, will be looking sideways at Amazon, which has just announced it will start cutting prices at Whole Foods Market, the retailer the company just purchased.

The move by the internet giant caused the stock prices of rival retailers in the US to fall, at the same time that its own stock price went up.

I've been eating a lot more salads following the advice of my dietitian, and so I've been looking around for whatever healthier options are available when I go on walks. Most food that's sold at lunch counters is starchy and bad for your health.

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