Monday, 7 August 2017

Bear the dog, Pitt Street Mall

On Thursday I mentioned meeting Bear the dog in Pitt Street Mall and today he was there again with his owner, a young woman. I gave her some coins and a five-dollar note and asked if I could take the dog's picture. She said it was ok so I did. I asked her to tell me again the reason for the dog's name, because she had told me before but I hadn't heard her clearly, and she said, "He was very fluffy when he was a puppy. He's grown into his fur now."

I asked her about getting food because Buddy the dog's owner had told me on Saturday that it was easy to do in Sydney if you are living on the street. Yes, she said, a food truck comes to Martin Place at 8.30pm of an evening and to Central Station at 10pm. I asked about Wynyard but she wasn't sure, and thought that Buddy's owner might have been thinking of Martin Place because both locations are down the north end of town. She said that she hadn't eaten yet today, although it was past 11am.

I told her about my meetings with Tanner and his owner around town, and she said that you have to brush out the fur of young dogs for their health.

On the way back along Market Street as I was heading home I saw a man who had been begging on the corner of Kent Street and Market Street earlier walking with his dog down past the QVB. He was holding a disposable coffee cup and some other things in his hands. As I walked past him I heard someone say, "Hey mate, you've dropped ten bucks." I turned to see a ten-dollar note on the pavement, and the man with the dog turning back to collect it. The older man who had called out to him had been heading into the building.

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