Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Rainbow banners, Taylor Square

On Sunday I was buying a kebab at Taylor Square and the rainbow banners the city has installed caught my attention. I asked the woman serving in the shop when they had been put there but she didn't know. She asked a man seated at the back of the shop if he knew, but he shook his head. "We don't notice things around here," she said to me with a wry smile. She has started to recognise me since I began going to the shop for lunches. "I only noticed them today," the man said to me from his table.

Yesterday I emailed the city council about the banners, asking them if it had been the City of Sydney itself or someone else who had decided they should be placed in such a prominent location. 

"The Rainbow Banners are booked by the City of Sydney to support our Sustainable 2030 plan to support Diversity and Inclusion," the acting manager of corporate partnerships replied to me. "We fly the Rainbow Banners as part of our ongoing support for Sydney’s LGBTI community and for the marriage equality campaign." She then pointed me to a web page setting out the city's policies for diversity and inclusion.

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