Thursday, 3 August 2017

Narla the cat, Pitt Street Mall

Yesterday I stopped to talk to a young woman sitting on the pavement outside Myer on Pitt Street Mall and she told me the name of her cat but I didn't hear her clearly over the noise of passing foot traffic, so today I stopped when I saw she was there again, and found out it was Narla. "Like the Lion King," the young woman said. I put the coins that remained in my pocket onto the rug she had spread on the pavement for that purpose, and asked if I could take a photo. "Of course you can!" she said. I told her that I had just seen a Channel Nine camera crew and suited journalist up at the Martin Place tent city, evidence that the TV station would put a spot on their nightly news broadcast about the homeless people camping there. "Oh cool!" she said. I had already given most of my change to a young woman sitting on the pavement further down toward King Street who had a dog with her dressed in a military-camouflage jacket with faux-fur trim. The young owner told me the dog was a staffie-border collie-chihuahua cross when I asked if it was a border collie. The dog's name was Bear.

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