Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Too hot to go walking

This morning I knew it was going to be hot because of the forecasts on the news over previous days, and after getting up and making a pot of coffee I got into the car and drove to Glebe to visit Officeworks, where I bought a new computer mouse. The previous one had started to malfunction, double-clicking when it was clicked only once, for example, which made it impossible to use reliably. After I got home I decided not to go for a walk because it was too hot, and I settled down to use the computer with the new mouse.

The new mouse works well. I noticed that it is the same make and model as the previous one was, even though I had not intentionally bought it on that basis. It was just a reliable make and it only cost $15 so I thought I couldn't go wrong. I made some eggs and haloumi for lunch, which I ate with toast, and did some banking and paid some bills online later on in the afternoon.

I put on the laundry to wash and transferred it to the dryer when the cycle had finished. I took the sheets off the bed in the spare room and put them in the laundry basket to wash next time.

Later, I put on my backpack and headed to Coles to do a bit of shopping because I was getting low on toilet paper. I also bought some fruit, biscuits, laundry liquid, and dish-wash scrubbers. I was sweating profusely when I got home but picked up the mail from the mailbox on the way through the door to the elevators. It turned out one letter, which had no return address and was addressed to an earlier occupant of the apartment I live in, was a scam letter from a Nigerian. There was also a corporate magazine addressed to another previous occupant, and a water bill.

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