Wednesday, 25 January 2017

A very quiet day at home

I woke up with the phone message that the girl had sent this morning asking me to send her a document we had worked on yesterday. I got up and sent her a document but it wasn't the right one, so later I got up again after she messaged me again and sent her the one she was looking for.

After this I made some coffee and had a cup, then went back to bed and slept again. I eventually emerged from bed in the early afternoon and went to the computer, where I engaged with social media in an effort to raise my mood. I was relatively successful and talked to some people who are in my feed on a regular basis. Others let my comments go by. One person shared a picture showing people at one of the anti-Trump marches from the weekend that I had taken from Twitter as a screenshot in her Facebook feed, and showed me an amusing video about Donald Trump ostensibly from the people of Holland. I laughed.

I had some wine at about 4.30pm - just one glass, as is my habit these days - and then I ate some sardines on toast. Later, I ate some cheese - pieces of two types of cheese, a cheddar and one other that I had bought at Woollies recently - and a can of tuna. I had some strawberries a bit later on and then a handful of almonds to top it all off.

It has been such a slow day but at least I am gradually losing weight. I can see my waist slimming. My trousers are now size 40 where two months ago I was wearing 44s. I intend to buy 38s next time I have to go to the store for clothes.

In the late afternoon I put out the recycling garbage and later the regular trash, and I also went down to my car in the garage with a plastic bag to collect the rubbish that had accumulated in the back seat, where I am in the habit of putting it as I drive around. I took the bag back upstairs with me and put it in the garbage bin before throwing everything down the rubbish chute. I noticed that most of the recycling garbage this time is not empty wine bottles but empty fruit packets.

In the evening I watched the Australian of the Year ceremony on the ABC, mainly because I usually watch ABC News 24 all through the evening, and this program was part of their feed for today. I reflected as I was watching TV that I have changed the way I use my evenings since cutting back on the amount of alcohol that I drink. When I was drinking most of a bottle of wine each evening I would be stumping off to bed by 7pm in a blotto haze, but now I am free to experience things that come up - in the social media feed, for example - and enjoy them for many more hours until I go to sleep. My psychiatrist congratulated me for cutting back on the booze and I think that it is an achievement that needs to be recognised, so I am writing about it now.

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