Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Shopping most of the day

When I got up this morning it was about midday and I made some coffee to drink. After coffee, I set the alarm and headed back to bed, planning to sleep for another 45 minutes before having to leave for a lunch appointment but the girl messaged me saying she was going into the city. I told her I was going out to lunch with a friend and she asked if she could come too. I got up after a while and dressed, then headed out in the heat across the Pyrmont Bridge to the city, entering the CBD at King Street on the expressway pedestrian path.

At my friend's office I left my name and sat down to wait until he was ready to see me. After a while he came out into the reception area and we went back to his office, where I signed some more papers to do with the settlement of the estate following mum's death in July. Then we left to go to a Greek restaurant in Barrack Street. We ordered a beer each and then the girl called saying she was on the street looking for me. I went outside and waited until I saw her walking down the street toward me. I ushered her into the restaurant and we sat down to order. I had a lamb shoulder and grilled eggplant and the girl had some vine leaves as a main. We ordered some bread and a salad as well as mains. I also ordered some wine.

The lunch was successful and we ended up talking a lot about history. The girl, being of Chinese ancestry, is fascinated by antiquity. Chinese people rightly feel that they have some legitimate claim on antiquity per se, and we talked about the Persian empire as well as the Mongols, the Egyptians, the Hungarians and the Greeks and Romans. Partly the discussion was sparked because I had seen the exhibition at the Powerhouse on the Egyptian mummies, and I suggested to my friend that he might want to go along and see it. We also talked about working in Australia because the girl had attained a job interview for a job she had applied for.

After lunch the girl and I said goodbye to my friend and the two of us went off to Myer's first floor where they sell ladies' wear. She was looking for a jacket for the job interview and tried on a few things. I sat in the fitting room area and waited while she tried some items of clothes on. Eventually she bought a black jacket, a pair of black pants, and a white shirt. Then we went out into Pitt Street Mall and entered a shoe shop, where she bought a pair of black-and-white sneakers. We then went up Pitt Street and through an ANZ building to Castlereagh Street where there is a women's wear shop. In the shop I bought her a navy jacket and another shirt, this one in a peach colour.

We went back to my place in a cab then made some food and went shopping afterward at the supermarket. I bought fruit, bread, eggs and some vegetables, as well as canned tuna. We got back home and I unpacked the backpack, then sat down at the computer and listened to her while she read through some websites looking for information that might help her in her job interview.

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