Thursday, 26 January 2017

Out to lunch on Australia Day

In the morning I woke up late and then got out of bed and made some coffee. I drank a cup in front of the computer then put on my backpack and went shopping for food at the supermarket. I bought fruit and cheese and canned fish, then returned home and started to iron my shirts, having done the laundry a few days before.

While I was in the middle of this task the girl rang and asked if I wanted to go out for lunch. It was around 2pm by this time and I had had nothing too eat all day. I finished the ironing and told her by short message that I would get the train, then changed my mind and messaged that I was going to drive down to her place. I got downstairs to the garage and started the car and headed out into the traffic, which wasn't too heavy because it is a holiday today.

When I arrived at her place I parked the car and walked through the park but she called me on the phone and told me she was right there waiting in the park. "I needed to get out," she said. We walked to the train station and caught a train to Redfern, then got off and walked up to Abercrombie Street and made our way to King Street in Newtown. We stopped at a Thai place on the corner and ordered some beef with rice each. I also ordered a beer and the girl ordered a plate of noodles, as well, that we could share. It was nice sitting in the restaurant eating fresh food and having a beer, and I ordered a second beer before we had finished eating our lunch.

After I paid, we walked down King Street looking at the shops, and stopped at a wholefoods place where I bought her some muesli and nuts and apricot sticks. We went further down King Street toward St Peters and stopped at a graffiti-covered cafe where I ordered a flat white and the girl got some English Breakfast tea and a gluten- and sugar-free brownie, which we both ate with the spoons they provided. It was delicious, with a nutty, sweetish taste, but not too sweet; she is always complaining that cakes in Australia are too sweet.

We went further down King Street after leaving the cafe and crossed the road at Alice Street, where we caught a cab, and the driver ended up driving very fast - at least 70kmph - down the Princes Highway. When we got to her place we went upstairs and talked for a little bit then she decided to go to her dancing class, and called ahead to make sure it was still going to be held on a holiday. It was. We went downstairs and got in the car and I dropped her off at Redfern Station before driving back down Abercrombie Street to Wattle Street and home. The rest of the evening has been quiet and I have eaten a few things to soften the hunger pangs, but I am still dieting so can't eat everything I want.

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