Thursday, 12 January 2017

My ankle was sore

After I got up this morning and on my way to the closet to get a pair of trousers, my left ankle decided to give up. It hurt very badly for a few minutes, then the pain disappeared, but the severity of the pain suggested to me that it would be a bad idea to go for a walk today, so I didn't. I stayed at home this morning, and suffered for it.

Not walking left me feeling depressed and sad, so after making and drinking a cup of coffee I went back to bed at around 10;30am and slept for a few extra hours. Later, after I got up again I went out to one of the Japanese restaurants on Harris Street and had some sushi and a bowl of ramen.

When I got home there was a message from my cousin suggesting dinner in Chinatown. This cousin lives in Cairns so I infrequently meet with him but I had already made a date with the girl to have dinner at her place and I didn't want to disappoint her, so I turned down Rob. I went to bed and had a nap. When I got up again I got back in front of the computer and then left the apartment, got into the car and drove to her place. I found a parking spot - something which can be difficult because the parking available there is often completely filled up along the street - and went up to her unit.

We went out to Woollies to get some last-minute groceries for dinner, including coriander and ginger. We also bought some rice - black and white - and a couple of packs of cup noodle. (I always keep cup noodle in my apartment, even though I hardly ever eat them, just in case I need some calories at some unholy hour.) We walked back to her unit and she made dinner. We had pork meatballs in a tomato soup, plus a mixture of black and white rice out of the rice cooker, as well as salmon steaks with ginger, garlic and coriander on top.

Later, I put together the kit jewellery cabinet we had picked up in Alexandria on the weekend. It was kind of like an Ikea kit but a bit simpler to assemble. The main body of the cabinet came already assembled in one piece, and all that really had to be done was to put the legs together then fasten the cabinet to the legs. I left her in her apartment before it got dark, busily putting items of jewellery away in her new cabinet. Later, I called her to tell her I had got home ok and she had already done the dishes. She was still putting things away in the cabinet though.

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