Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Holidays in January

Yesterday we went to Watsons Bay and parked the car at the top of the hill away from the traffic that clogs things up down in the valley. We walked down through the scrub along the path beside the cliff until we got to the park, then went down to the beach. I stood on the esplanade while she waded in the water. After she got out she brushed the sand off her feet with her shirt and put her shoes back on. Then we queued for fish and chips.

There was a lively little boy wandering around the queue talking to people. He was very chatty and curious about everything, and made lots of friends. We took our fish and chips to a table in the park and ate them there, then walked along Fishermans Walk to the steps at the end. After going up the slope we went down by the park to Camp Cove then headed off along the South Head walk maintained by the National Parks service. After we passed Lady Bay Beach we turned back and it started to rain immediately after we got back to the street. We sheltered under a tree until the rain slackened off, then walked back up the hill to the car and drove home.

This morning I set off into town and headed to the Vodafone shop on George Street. When I got there I found that it had closed. I fired up the mobile phone to use Google to search for an alternative store but as soon as the results appeared the phone shut down. It had been doing this for a few weeks recently, working fine but then suddenly shutting down for no reason. This was why I needed to replace it with a new one. Then I remembered that there was a Vodafone shop on Pitt Street Mall, so I headed there, and found it open.

Within 30 minutes I was walking out of the store with a new iPhone 7. The iPhone 4 it replaced had worked fine for most of seven years but in the end it just had to be replaced due to malfunction. Then I headed to Myer to buy some pants, as the pair I had worn to Watsons Bay the day before had ripped in the crotch. I found a size 42 in a tan colour but in my preferred colours of dark blue and black there were no 42s. I mentioned this to the cashier and she tried to find a pair for me in the storage room but there were none.

Aftger buying the pants I headed downstairs and ordered a kebab, which I ate at one of the very narrow tables they have in Westfield. It was uncomfortable but I got the thing eaten successfully without mishap or contretemps. I headed to Dymocks looking for a jigsaw puzzle for my sister-in-law but they didn't have the one she wanted. I left my phone number for them to call me back in case it was possible for them to order it, then I headed home and set up the new phone on the PC.

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